Brand Intelligence

Brand Intelligence

Cyveillance Brand Intelligence™ protects your brand’s online reputation through real-time social media monitoring for issues that impact your company’s brands, products and services.

The service monitors community views on brands, marketing campaigns, products, services, quality and price to provide brand owners the intelligence needed to quickly react to individual and community opinion.  Cyveillance Intelligence Analysts assess the criticality, trends, and patterns of potential incidents including positive and negative commentary impacting the brands and reputation of an organization. This enables brand owners the information needed to react quickly to individual and community opinion.

Respond faster with easy-to-use dashboard and collaborative workflow

The Cyveillance Cyber Threat Center gives you immediate, ongoing access to all your data collected from the Internet. Your cross-functional teams can efficiently track and manage each case through easy-to-use dashboards and collaborative workflows. You get a better grasp of what’s going on and more time to act.

Timely, relevant findings go beyond simple reputation monitoring solutions

Keeping abreast of brand-related issues in community networks is now a crucial part of any brand protection strategy. Left unchecked, many brand-related issues that start small in these social networks can quickly explode into full fledged brand or public relation catastrophes in matter of days.

There are technologies capable of monitoring for buzz and chatter regarding brands or products on the Internet. However, these technologies are very limited in scale and lack the capabilities needed to produce high quality, relevant findings on a timely basis. Also, the technologies, or companies providing similar services, do not specialize in finding or assessing potential issues that could potentially cause significant damage to brands, products or services.


  • High-level analysis of identified issues
  • Brand Intelligence delivered on a daily basis to provide near real-time critical information
  • Comprehensive, scalable technology locates Brand Intelligence issues not discoverable through manual searching or competitors’ technologies
  • Subject matter experts provide only highly relevant, actionable Brand Intelligence


  • Provide the necessary Internet monitoring of the current and growing online environment to keep on top of potential issues.
  • Gain a better understanding of the public sentiment regarding the impact of your company and industry.
  • Discover the types of sites where products, services or brands are being discussed.
  • Discover valuable information about how clients interact with products or services.
  • Use the intelligence gained to understand and influence the direction of corporate image on the internet.
  • Keep on top of industry political and policy changes.
  • Support grassroots movements that are in line with your company’s vision.
  • Monitor the blogosphere regarding press releases and marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor the acceptance or adoption of online initiatives and campaigns.
  • Use the intelligence delivered to help direct HR policy regarding employee uses of the internet.