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Cyveillance Overview

Today’s security battleground extends far beyond the traditional realm of IT departments. Endpoint security, web application security, DDoS mitigation, and perimeter protection through firewalls and devices are still critical. To proactively address security threats and risks, though, information and physical security professionals must shift their focus to protection of the business itself – its infrastructure, information, individuals, and their interactions.

That’s where Cyveillance can give you an advantage. We enable you to protect your information, your infrastructure, and your employees from physical and digital threats found outside your network perimeter. We’re constantly looking for any indications of compromise or risk to your business – whether its proprietary data leaked via a breach or third-party vendor, plans for attacks against your network, or threats of physical harm to your CEO. Through continuous, comprehensive monitoring of millions of online data sources, along with sophisticated technical and human analysis, we provide our clients with the combination of data, tools, analysis, investigation, and response services that best meet their business needs, and deliver an intelligence-led approach to security.

A History of Innovation

Cyveillance was founded in 1997 in Northern Virginia as Online Monitoring Services by four friends who foresaw the challenge that the web created for the misuse of brands, trademarks, and intellectual property, and the need for organizations to protect themselves from those risks. Since then, we have continued to build and enhance a collection-management platform that includes all of these methods, rapidly transforming data, links, and search results into actionable intelligence.

With the continued growth of the Internet and the introduction of mobile devices and applications, along with the meteoric rise of social networks, we’ve seen an ever-expanding list of risks and online threats, from phishing, protestors and hackers, to fake applications and the online sale of counterfeit goods. Our technology has evolved to address all ofr these threats and more, despite a vast attack surface in which domain names and websites have been plagued by malware, and forums, Internet relay chat (IRC), blogs, and social media in every language are potential sources of threat, risk, or compromise.

People, process, and technology are critical to providing organizations with this vital information so they can prepare accordingly. Cyveillance offers a team of trained security analysts and experts; scalable, enterprise-level processes to sort through volumes of data; and advanced, proprietary technology – combined with human review – to provide relevant, immediate intelligence.

Unlike many web and social media monitoring companies that rely solely on search engines, public APIs or third-party data feeds, Cyveillance has invested millions of dollars to build and evolve the monitoring and collection systems required to protect our clients, around the world and in any language. The Cyveillance Cyber Threat Center, a cloud-based platform, combines web search, social media monitoring, underground channel information, and global intelligence with investigative tools and databases of threat actors, domain names and IP data, phishing activity, and malware.

Based on our years of experience, we have also developed world-class Investigation and Response services to help organizations better understand the people behind the threats, as well as to counter the risks faster and more effectively.

Cyveillance serves the Global 2000 and the majority of the Fortune 50 – as well as global leaders in finance, technology, and energy – along with data partners and resellers. Cyveillance was acquired by LookingGlass Cyber Solutions™ in December 2015.

For more information download the Cyveillance Overview data sheet.