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Predict Threats

Threat intelligence enables you to get ahead of problems, giving you advance notice of potential physical and cyber threats so you can better defend your organization and prepare your teams.


Assess Threat Intelligence

Knowing you have a problem is often the first step in solving it. Learn how our threat intelligence services can help you assess risks to your organization, infrastructure, executives, and employees and develop plans to address them.



Whether it’s a phishing attack, imposter social media account or rogue mobile application, a death threat or a data breach, our professional Response services can assist you when you need help the most.

Cyber Threat Center

A cloud-based platform to transform your data into threat intelligence

The Cyveillance Cyber Threat Center™ is an all-in-one internet monitoring and investigative tool that enables professionals who deal with incident response, cyber investigations, online compliance, or brand issues to distill information from outside the firewall into actionable threat intelligence.

Internet Monitoring

Web &
Social Media

Threat Intelligence Reports


Threat Intelligence Toolbox


How We Do It


Cyveillance employs security and risk professionals from varying backgrounds, including security researchers, intellectual property and legal experts, cybercrime investigators, intelligence analysts, and former law enforcement professionals.


As data volumes explode and sources proliferate, a data collection platform, on its own, is of little value. Cyveillance has addressed this problem with a proprietary analysis engine harnessing analyst methods and thought processes to distill data into actionable threat intelligence.


Unlike many web and social media-monitoring companies that rely solely on search engines, public APIs, or third party data feeds, Cyveillance has built its own internet monitoring and collection systems to protect clients around the world.

Featured Cyber Threats Blog Post

Intelligence-Led Security: Developing a Concrete Plan

How do you get ahead of potential physical and cyber threats to better prepare for an attack? In this white paper, we examine how a threat intelligence-led security program can help you defend against advanced persistent threats and other risks to your organization.

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